Mouse isnt working for my PC.

  Mikelis18 16:49 30 Mar 2018

Hello everyone! I have a problem with my mouse, when i turn on PC mouse led for few seconds turn on and then turns off. And when after startup mouse still dont work. btw keyboard works, for keyboard i have different that usb cable. (idk how to name it) But when i tried another keyboard with same usb cable as mouse, keyboard didnt worked too only few seconds and then turns off, same like mouse. (Keyboard that worked usb was like circle but that mouse and another keyboard was basic usb cable rectangle) Here is a video - click here and have a good day!


  wiganken2 17:25 30 Mar 2018

Maybe your mouse is faulty so have you tried a different mouse? Also try plugging mouse into another USB port.

  Mikelis18 18:03 30 Mar 2018

Already tried all my USB ports, nop. And same mouse works for my laptop, tried another mouse, not workings.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:07 30 Mar 2018

click here,0301-13254.html use USBdeview to remove all instance on your mouse from the registry and reboot the computer. the mouse should then work properly again.

  wiganken2 18:24 30 Mar 2018

Fruit Bat's (well intended) link didn't work on my computer so try this one instead. click here

  Mikelis18 21:12 31 Mar 2018

Thanks u both! Worked. btw found solution with usb adapter ps2.

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