Mouse is hung up

  Paula Michelle 15:57 23 Feb 2005

I have a problem with my friend's computer.

When I try to move my mouse the cursor goes a little way and then stops. After a while I realised nothing is wrong with the mouse but that something is holding up the processing. It is as if the computer is taking out time to attend to other matters. The only time the mouse works is when you leave it for a few seconds.
I have updated the AVG7 Anti Virus and run a complete scan but there is no virus found.
I have also checked by Cntrl-Alt-Delete that no unusual programs are running that are new.
I would greatly appreciate any offers of diagnosis and cure.



  Technotiger 16:04 23 Feb 2005

Hi, (lovely name) - have you checked the rollers inside the mouse, these often get clogged up with bits, picked up in use - remove the ball and check the rollers.


  Paula Michelle 16:24 23 Feb 2005

Yes I have done all that (my mouse has no balls!) and she has been uninstalled and re-installed. It is a system response thing because when I was running AOL the problem became much worse. If you leave the computer idle for a minute the mouse works fine - for at least enough time to get it about 8cm along the screen. Then it freezes.

  Jak_1 16:26 23 Feb 2005

Think you are spot on there Technotiger, ball mice pick up all bits of fluff etc off the mousemat which in time clogs up the rollers and the mouse pointer then moves erratically. A simple clean by removing the ball and freeing the rollers od debris should sort you out.

Also recommend getting an optical mouse, this problem will then be a thing of the past. Mine has been working fine for the last 4 years without any maintainance at all. You can get a cheap one for just a few pounds, less than £10, and it should give you years of trouble free service.

  Technotiger 16:30 23 Feb 2005

Me again - sorry, I am not familiar with AOL - have seen it on a friends pc and didn't like it.
However, regarding the mouse - have you had a look at Mouse/Properties in the Control Panel, you
might be able to do an adjustment in there involving the cursor movement. Just a thought.


  Paula Michelle 16:34 23 Feb 2005

I repeat: The mouse mechanism is fine. I am going to swap her mouse for my optical one just for good measure, but it is probably something to do with the resources being hijacked....imho.

Yes I have done all those obvious things. I will add to this post after I have swapped round the mouse for an optical one (mine) to check it out.

  Technotiger 16:40 23 Feb 2005

Hi again - I may be wrong (and probably am) but I have not heard of any programme that affects the mouse the way you say - I would therefore be rather more inclined to suspect a dodgy mouse, if it all works ok when you try with yours, then that would support my last theory.

Good luck.

  herc182 16:43 23 Feb 2005

what are the specs of your machine? how much RAM?
if you have a low spec machine with a lot of programs on there (or have recently installed windows xp on a low spec machine) then it could be all the hard drive activity is causing your mouse to stutter.

just a thought

  herc182 16:47 23 Feb 2005

try stopping programes that are running in the background one at a time to see if that makes it any better. it might be some software. use ctrl+alt+del to isolate the programmes. furthermore, it will tell you the memory usage and cpu usage for each program. run spybot, adaware and a2 to see if they throw anything up.

  Old Shep 16:57 23 Feb 2005

Is it a USB mouse and where is it plugged in to. If it is plugged into a USB hub try changing it and plugging it directly into the computers USB port.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:12 23 Feb 2005

Run Crap Cleaner click here to help reduce clutter on the PC you can safely delete anything it comes up with.

You do not say what operating system is being used. click here will advise on XP services tp safely remove

WinPatrol click here is a startup manager from which you can remove many of the programs not required to run at start up and use resources.

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