Mouse is has erratic behaviour

  andy63walsh 14:25 02 Mar 2011

If I try to click on something and drag it to send on emails for example, if its a video it starts playing, almost like I double clicked it, I didn't.
If you hold left click and try to highlight something it doesnt do it all you have to keep trying. It is a logitec laser mouse, I even tried thier software but it was the same, so deleted it.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:13 02 Mar 2011

replace batteries?

  Terry Brown 15:30 02 Mar 2011

Go to Control panel, check the mouse settings, you may have accidently activated the single click system, or it could be the mouse button is sticking down, which means a new mouse.


  andy63walsh 18:38 02 Mar 2011

Tried rebbot, deleted new drivers in case it was a conflict. Checked the batteries with a meter. what next ?

  andy63walsh 08:29 03 Mar 2011

I could not see single click, but I think on mine it is called click lock? It is still playing up.

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