Mouse freezes on start up

  taffyal 14:54 13 Sep 2005

Each time I start up, everything starts Ok, but the mouse is frozen. I restart once, sometimes twice, then Ok.I have 2 mice,& it happens whichever one I connect, ones a Trust250sp wireless optical the other is Tecstorm Optical1 , both PS2.I have XP Pro, 1.2 processor,512 ram &40gig HD. I run through a KVM switch, but it also happens when mouse is connected direct to PC.
Any help would be much appreciated, its v. annoying!!
Cheers, Al.
P.S. I've defragged, ran AVG,Adaware,S&D & MS antispyware.26 gig empty on HD

  Curio 14:56 13 Sep 2005

Run a System file check for a start, you may have a corrupt file

  taffyal 15:59 13 Sep 2005

Thanks Curio. i tried this, it took an age, then just finished! Thought I had done it wrong, so ran it again, just run & finished so I assume all is alright on that front! Mice still no better though! Cheers, Al

  Curio 17:32 13 Sep 2005

Uninstall Mouse Drivers and relevant Software, then Reboot and reinstall

  taffyal 17:51 13 Sep 2005

Just tried this, to no avail!

  Curio 19:06 13 Sep 2005

Are you loading software for both your Optical Mice at the same time? If so you may have a glitch between the two sets. Do the Mice work OK without any additional drivers/software, just using thosr provided by Windows?

  Curio 14:14 14 Sep 2005

Double check all your connections. Ensure batteries are in good order and the connections are sound. If you still have this problem, all I can suggest is a System Restore to a date previous to these problems occurring.

  taffyal 15:26 14 Sep 2005

Sorry for delay in replying, was called away urgently yesterday. Have just unitalled Windows driver, & reinstalled the Trust driver. It seems to be starting OK, but now the mouse doesnt scroll!! Perhabs I should go back to wire????
Cheers Al.

  taffyal 15:39 14 Sep 2005

Just turned off, & restarted- now scrolling works OK!!! Strange things, these PCs!! Many thanks for your help, Curio, it seems OK now, so I'll tick resolved. Any further probs, & I'll try the restore option. Thanks again, Al.

  Curio 18:59 14 Sep 2005

that if you install no other Mouse Drivers you will be OK now. If you change mice, remove all drivers of the previous one before installing the new.Glad to help.

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