mouse freezes up

  seb tooms 20:46 16 Mar 2003

hi cyber nuts can anyone help me ?my mouse freezes up its so annoying .can it be fixed or do i have a problem .hope you can help me.cheers seb tooms

  wee eddie 21:07 16 Mar 2003

or is this something that happens during a session?

  seb tooms 12:00 17 Mar 2003

in response to wee eddie the mouse pointer freezes up anywhere on the screen during usuage but happens randomly..hope this helps ..thanks seb tooms

  « Ravin » 12:11 17 Mar 2003

what kind of mouse are you using ? brand ? wireless ? optical ? what o/s ?

off hand i'd suggest that you try updating your drivers.

  bof:) 12:43 17 Mar 2003

Hi Seb Tooms,

Also, check your virucs checker is well uptodate. I've seen somewhere on this site, information about virii causing the mouse to freeze randomly on a pc.


  seb tooms 20:13 13 Apr 2003

still no joy mouse still freezes virus checker is uptodate..anybody know why?ive been told it could be a bottleneck.if so how do i correct it?cheers seb thanks to bof wee eddie and mike..

  caast ©™ 20:59 13 Apr 2003

Try removing any software that you installed with the mouse. They are notorious for conflicts,reboot your PC and use as a standard mouse without any bells or whistles. If 3 button you should still have scroll option and really you don't need the mouse to do anything other than point.

See if it still freezes up. If not leave it as it is. I presume you have changed the mouse and previous one worked fine.

  Billy E. 22:58 13 Apr 2003

Could it be that you are running a few programms when this happens or doing work in a program if so try installing more RAM memory.

  wossie 23:18 13 Apr 2003

I had the same problem with my PC, drove me spare, rebooting solved it for a while. Now my buddy has the same problem and his CD drives disappear, mine also. What's in common, the latest VIA 4.45 chipset drivers I installed them on both. Did you do the same.

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