Mouse doesn't work when printer is printing

  Rhuddlan 11:43 23 Jan 2005

I purchased a new Logitech coredless USB mouse yesterday and I have a Lexmark X1180 printer, when printing the mouse simply refuses to work. After printing it's fine again, they are both USB connected and are connected next to each other on the comp, I have no other spare USB slots, as they have already been taken. This has never happened before with my other coredless mice, any ideas???

  johnnyrocker 11:48 23 Jan 2005

lexmark printers are renowned for hogging usb power, how old is pc and what os? you could try getting the latest drivers from the lexmark site, uninstalling then re install after re installing mouse again.


  Totally-braindead 12:48 23 Jan 2005

Perhaps the mouse requires just a little bit more power than the other mice did, if you use another mouse and its fine then I would be inclined to say that your USB can't provide enough power for both devices at the same time. I don't know how much power the Lexmark uses but considering there is only 2 devices connected I would say it very unusual to have this problem. The motherboard should be able to supply more than enough power for a printer and a mouse. Its possible that your motherboard may be the problem or perhaps the power supply. Try to find out how much power the new mouse uses when compared to the old one, if the new mouse uses more power then you have your answer. In this case the solutions would be either go back to using the old mouse, buy a PCI USB card, get an external powered USB hub or get another motherboard. Realistically I'd either go back to the old mouse or buy a USB PCI card, they're only about a tenner or so and its always useful to have extra USB ports.

  Starfox 13:00 23 Jan 2005

When I replaced my old Mouse/Keyboard setup with a new wireless deskset (also Lexmark printer).

Cured the problem with an externally powered USB hub.

  Rhuddlan 23:53 23 Jan 2005

Hi there, I have a external usb hub. I have a webcam, modem, printer and mouse connected via USB. It doesn't bother me that much, and I have already got rid of my old mice, so the one I have is currently the only one I have got. Thanks again for the help, but but I'm going to put up with it, I have already reinstalled the printer software and mouse already and that hasn't helped, thanks again, Rhuddlan.

  Rhuddlan 00:14 24 Jan 2005

Sorry, forgot to say, I have windows xp home sp2 and the pc is nearly three years old.

  griffon 56 00:44 24 Jan 2005

Hi Rhuddlan,

Your problem is almost certainly a power supply problem. Printers have heavy engineering in them like stepping motors, and though it is said that it's possible to daisy chain 127 devices on a single USB connection I've seen many a cautionary word by real experts advising against it. You could beef up your power supply but the cheap short answer seems to be given by Starfox. I wouldn't have thought that updating drivers would cure the problem, and if it is a power shortage, adding PCI USB boards will only add to the power drain. I'd go with Starfox.

  Rhuddlan 01:04 24 Jan 2005

Thanks for the help, I won't click resolved just yet, anyone provide a link to Starfox? Thanks once again.

  Rhuddlan 01:26 24 Jan 2005

When I connect my i pod to the comp, it doesn't appear in my computer or in i tunes. But when I took the modem out today, to put something else in it's place, everthing worked fine, the i pod appeared in both my computer and i tunes. I have Wanadoo Broadband with a speedtouch modem, with the lastes drivers and windows xp home sp2, any ideas on how I don't have to disconnect my modem to get my i pod to work? Are they any known conflict issues with these devices?

So this can have something to do with the mouse problem when printing???

  griffon 56 23:30 26 Jan 2005

It's possible you have some malware causing the problem. For a free scan of your system go to:

click here

click here

click here

with grateful acknowledgements to Nellie2.

  johnnyrocker 23:33 26 Jan 2005

yet again you have failed to say what the resolution of your problem was.


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