mouse doesnt work :(

  Jaro 19:01 09 Mar 2005


sudenly my mouse stop working.yesterday was ok and today when i turn on my comp. it wasnt working without any reason cos i havent done nothing that could cause the prob. now i am useing normal ball mause. the one that stoped working is optical mouse (not wireles or USB)

i have tryed last good configuration and sistem restore but no avail.just the old mouse is working.

I have run spybot and it found double click one entry Cydoor one entry and download accelerator 19 entries. shell i delete them all???could it be the prob.

will wait for your sugestions

  Technotiger 19:06 09 Mar 2005

Hi .... batteries ??

  Jaro 19:08 09 Mar 2005

no batteries

  Jaro 19:08 09 Mar 2005

its just ordinary optical mouse from tiny comp.

  Curio 19:12 09 Mar 2005

Make sure it is fiully inserted

  Technotiger 19:19 09 Mar 2005

Sorry I don't think I can offer any sensible solution - except to say that it would not do any harm to delete any rubbish you have found with spybot.

Probably someone else will come up with other ideas.


  Jaro 19:31 09 Mar 2005

maybe its just that bloody mouse is broken.dont know but the cable is inserted properly

  Dorsai 19:49 09 Mar 2005

As an aside, Jaro, Swearing is not allowed here.

About the mouse.

Does it do anyting? You say it's optical, so turn it over, and see if the light is on. If it is lit, make sure there is no crud/dust in the sensor.

As it's a corded mouse, the cable may very well have broken internally due to the normal flexing of the wire as you use it. Before I got a cordless mouse I used to go through a corded mouse in about 6 months. My cordless one I have had for about 3-4 years.

I suspect the only solution is for you to get a new mouse. I personally suggest a cordles optical one. If you get one that does not include a docking cradle + rechargeable batteries, buy a cheap battery charger from the likes of argos and two sets of rechrgeable batteries.

As I said, I have a cordless, and after over 3 years have just had replace my 2 sets of batteries (£9.99). They now are in the TV and DVD remotes. They might not last long in the mouse any more, but they work for weeks in the remote.

  woodchip 19:54 09 Mar 2005

Go into Device Manager and remove the mouse then restart computer. Use Windows key to bring up shut down if the computer does not display a shutdown box

  Curio 20:25 09 Mar 2005

Before you purchase a new mouse, try this one in another computer to confirm it is 'dead'

  Jaro 21:20 09 Mar 2005

thank you all guys will try the woodchips trik and than if it wont work NEW MOUSE as dorsai sugested.

yes and sorry for the swearing :)

thank you all for your help

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