Mouse delay (Can't seem to fix it)

  Nutts lmao 20:16 04 Apr 2017

Hi, The last few months i've been experiencing mouse delay/lag what ever you wanna call it, it all started when i my upgraded my pc, motherboard, cpu and gpu. First time i got the delay it went away like 1 day later, and that went on for like 2 months but now it doesnt change back anymore it stays delayed and i can't fix it. I've tried alot of stuff, disabling mouse enhancer, new mouse, installed new OS like 7x, other resolutions. So my question to you guys, u maybe know how i can fix this? please help me im dying cuz of this crap

  putorjuy 04:09 10 Apr 2017

Your mouse freezing? This because the touchpad protecting itself from being moved by your palm and tapping on the touchpad is enabled. So try to disable the two setting in your touchpad settings.

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