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Mouse Cursor Becomes a Square

  Scrivers 21:54 12 Mar 2016

Just occasionally my mouse cursor will become a square of about 10mm square with a mottled appearance. It only happens when I either start or wake up my PC. My mouse is a Logitech cordless working through a USB port. Pulling the little sender out of the USB port & replacing it gives me back the pointer, until the next time. I've tried uninstalling the mouse & letting it re-install itself, but that isn't permanent either.

  difarn 17:31 14 Mar 2016

I'm wondering if an update has changed the Cursor Schemes. Have a look at this article that explains how to check. I have read that others have had similar problems that disappeared when they also enabled the shadow.

I'm also wondering whether you had an update to the driver and whether anything would change if you rolled it back.

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  Scrivers 21:27 14 Mar 2016

Thanks difarn, I'll give that a go.

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