Mouse curser changing and freezing

  jerica 10:37 11 Jul 2013

Hi, my mouse curser is changing on different places on a page, sometimes it's the pointer, then it's the pointy hand, then a pale yellow vertical line with small red dots or a horizontal double ended arrow. At the moment it's the blue waiting symbol. Thought it might be because I changed to a wireless mouse so I changed it back and uninstalled the driver but it's still doing it (it's just changed back to a arrow pointer). It's also freezing every so often, very annoying, anyone else getting this? Thanks for any help.

  bumpkin 12:07 11 Jul 2013

Try Control Panel/Mouse/Pointers and set to default or the pointer of your choice.

  jerica 16:22 11 Jul 2013

Disconnected the wireless mouse and tried bumpkin's idea, no result.

  lotvic 17:49 11 Jul 2013

Did you reboot pc in between changing the mouse from one to other?

  jerica 15:57 12 Jul 2013

No but I have since.

  bumpkin 19:53 12 Jul 2013

If you have tried different ones then it has to be something in your settings not the mouse itself. Try again what I suggested earlier then a reboot. Post back if no good.

  jerica 09:54 13 Jul 2013

I think that it may be something to do with the proximity of the wireless router and the wireless headphones, any way I'll stick with the wired mouse for now and see what happens, if it starts playing up I'll be back.

  Nontek 10:00 13 Jul 2013

It is quite normal for mouse cursor to change on different parts of a page. It will normally show as a small Arrow, move it over an Ad for instance and it will change to a Pointy Finger, move to any edge of a page and it will change to a Double-headed Arrow, etc!

Freezing could be caused by dirt, even the tiniest bit, on underside of mouse, or even internal dirt - perhaps needs stripping and cleaning.

Otherwise, there is probably nothing wrong with your mouse at all.

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