Mouse clicks too fast, i cant change it.

  Mysticnas 10:35 01 Dec 2004

Hi all..

over the past week i've noticed that my mouse (MS IntelliMouse Optical) seems to be double clicking too quickly. Where ever i try to single click to open a file menu for example (or an email in outlook even) it opens and closes again as if i've double clicked it. And in outlook it's a pain, when all i want to do is simply view the email, it opens it up in a new window. It's a pain when trying to highlight or select things too.

I've tried the mouse settings in control panel but they don't seem to make a difference.

I'm hoping it's not a hardware problem, i've had the mouse since 2001. I use it to play some FPS games. I doubt it's worn out from my using the firebutton too much is it???

  feb 10:44 01 Dec 2004

Try re-asigning one of the other buttons as the left click to eliminate a button fault...

  Tog_ 11:12 01 Dec 2004

As mouse buttons get older, they can become prone to "bounce" where a single click can produce the effect of a double-click through noisy, worn contacts.

Being a cheapskate, I robbed a microswitch out of an old mouse (they are all much the same) and soldered that in instead.

Worked a treat :-)

  Mysticnas 22:37 01 Dec 2004

for now anyway..

just did what you said and changed the button config around.

I took apart an old intelli mouse and saw it had the same micro switch. I took it out, but in the process the pcb got a little hot shall we say :o) and i don't want to risk the same happening to my current mouse.. so i'll leave it at changing the button config for now.


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