Mouse buttons no longer responding

  Podracer 22:18 16 Oct 2012

A problem I have never come across before; Windows Vista on a quad core Hewlett Packard with plenty of RAM and HDD space.

Without warning the mouse buttons have ceased to have any effect. The pointer moves fine, but trying to click on the start menu, on any icon, or anything at all (eg, if using menus in MS Word) produces no effect.

We have changed the mouse, but to to avail (the original mouse works fine on another computer) - so it is not the mouse. Interestingly, trying to use the Windows key also has no effect, so the only way of shutting down is to hold down the computer switch. When we re-boot it, the mouse may OK for a few minutes, then the buttons (both left and right) cease to (but the pointer still moves).

We have installed no new software, and all anti-virus and malware scans are up to date and show no problems. Googling the problem does not come up with anything meaningful. Any useful suggestions would be very much appreciated.

  Podracer 10:28 17 Oct 2012

Jock1e - Thanks for the suggestions and the fact it may be the screen, not the mouse. We will try your suggestions and see how it goes. Incidentally, I use CCleaner (and do so on three other computers for several years) (never used Tune Up Utilities) and have never had any problems with this computer or any of the others.

Update the driver - for the screen (PC has a separate graphics card, so presumably update the graphics card driver??). Or try to update the mouse driver??

  woodchip 13:21 17 Oct 2012

Right Click on Desktop/properties/Settings/advanced troubleshooting look for the Slider that is for troubleshooting and drop it down a notch at a time.

You could also try updating Graphics Driver

  Nontek 14:08 17 Oct 2012

I recently had a similar problem with a wireless mouse - changing the battery fixed it!

  bumpkin 19:59 17 Oct 2012

Try the easiest things first, battery would be my first option, may not be but saves you going off on a tangent and wasting a lot of time if it is.

  lotvic 23:21 17 Oct 2012

Try using keyboard instead of mouse clicks:

you can open the Microsoft Windows Start button by pressing the CTRL and ESC keys at the same time.

Once in the Start menu you can use the arrow keys on the keyboard to move up, down, left, or right in the start menu. Once you've located the program you wish to run, press the Enter key.

  Podracer 19:47 18 Oct 2012

Everyone - thanks for your attempted help, but no joy so far. First thing is that this is an intermittent problem, and the mouse may be fine for a day - or for half an hour - and then cease it's ability to click. It is not an individual mouse problem; we have tried another mouse and the result is the same (and the mouse works fine on another computer).

I have checked the mouse drivers (all up to date), but have updated the graphics card driver. in the Device Manger, everything is working fine (or so it claims). I have also gone back to a previous restore point (several weeks ago before this happened, and still the same result - intermittent mouse misbehaving.

When the mouse buttons freeze, the keyboard short-cuts (eg, Cntrl/esc) do not work.

It seems to work fine all the time in safe mode.

As you can imagine, as this is an intermittent fault, it takes time to see if anything I do has any effect.

Next step (for which the computer is overdue for anyway), is a re-installation of Vista - which is helped by the fact that the PC has two completely separate hard discs so back ups are easier. However, considering waiting for another week or so, and I might put 8 on it instead.

In the meantime, thanks for your suggestions.

  woodchip 21:54 18 Oct 2012

It may be time to type in the run box MSCONFIG, go to startup Tab and remove ticks other than Anti-Virus Restart PC then try PC if its okay restore startup items that you want to run at startup one at a time and reboot and test

  Podracer 18:20 22 Oct 2012

Thanks for the suggestions - we have now done a system restore (and we had to wait till it did work as SR does not work in safe mode....) going back to before the problem occurred, and (touch wood) it seems to be OK now. I will gradually move forward (eg, re-install a couple of Windows updates etc) and see if the problem re-occurs. But for the moment, all seems well.

In slow time, I will also try the MS config route - but it all takes time and at the moment I do not have the time to sit over a hot computer for too long.

Thanks for your interest.

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