mouse behaviour

  l1ndy 09:45 07 Jul 2004

please help my mouse wont go where i want it to without a fight .. really have to roll it all over the place & then its a struggle .. mostly it seems to want to pull to the right side of my monitor .. its only just started to do this in the last couple of days .. does this mean its broken & i need a new one or can the problem be sorted .. thank you

  expertec 09:47 07 Jul 2004

Ball mouse or optical mouse? Cordless or corded?

  l1ndy 10:00 07 Jul 2004

its got a ball in it which is clean & is corded & i am using window xp .. thank you

  Sans le Sou 10:11 07 Jul 2004

Are the rollers inside free of fluff, it's amazing what collects on them over time. If you can borrow another mouse to try, may give a clue to the problem.

  l1ndy 10:25 07 Jul 2004

yes they are clean as i said above .. i gave it a good clean out & its now spotles lol .. thank you

  Sapins 10:49 07 Jul 2004

I have exactly the same problem with my 1953 car only it pulls to the left, don't suppose your mouse has a sticking wheel cylinder. LOL



  Shas 11:02 07 Jul 2004

Had exactly the same mouse problem yesterday, and although I too thought it was spotless inside, in the centre of both the little thin black rollers was some stuck on dirt. It was hard and looked and felt like it was an integral part of the roller. (Only knew it shouldn't be there by comparing it to an identical mouse.) Took some getting off but the mouse now works fine.

  Gingermum 13:09 07 Jul 2004

Had similar problems with mouse continually getting dirty. Got a corded optical. Brilliant. Worth every penny.

  expertec 13:41 07 Jul 2004

I have one of those too, it's really good (came with this computer)

  spuds 13:43 07 Jul 2004

Three informative sites: click here click here click here

Considering the cost of some mouse products, it may pay to get a new one. I think ebuyer's corded mouse start at about 59pence.

  l1ndy 16:35 07 Jul 2004

i really have cleaned it out but i will give it another good go followin the instructions on spuds link .. thank you .. any more suggestions just incase plus also will look at what this optical is ur on about not heard of that

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