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  wee eddie 10:46 24 May 2011

What, if any, are the advantages of USB over PS2?

Now, I'm not asking about whether they're prettier or more modern, I'm asking whether one is a more efficient, faster, or more reliable connection than the other.

  Ian in Northampton 10:52 24 May 2011

IMHO, there's absolutely nothing to choose. The only thing is, if you use your PS/2 ports for mouse and keyboard, you free up valuable USB ports for other stuff.

  birdface 11:10 24 May 2011

Well I have USB 3 on my computer and when I asked the question is USB 3 better than PS2 I was advised just to use the PS2 connection.

So I would assume PS2 must be better than USB but how I don't know.

  wiz-king 12:56 24 May 2011

With some systems you may have to change a bios setting if you need to use USB and safe mode. I prefer using PS2 as I need all the USB ports I can get, I am using 7 at the moment which only leaves me 1 spare.

  chub_tor 13:11 24 May 2011

My motherboard Click Here has a single PS2 port half green and half purple to take either a mouse or a keyboard. Not being a fan of wireless keyboards but liking wireless mice I use the PS2 for the keyboard and USB for the mouse. Like wiz-king I keep as many USB ports as free as possible.

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