Mouse always "on"

  Martin12 21:03 17 Mar 2010

When my PC swithes off the optical mouse stays alight.

I have looked in the bios for something that will cure this but no luck.

any ideas?

  MAT ALAN 21:09 17 Mar 2010

Might be meant to, some rodents DO some DON'T

is it PS2 or USB

  Martin12 21:22 17 Mar 2010

Its a USB optical

  MAT ALAN 21:28 17 Mar 2010

click here

more info here...

  DieSse 22:34 17 Mar 2010

You can switch off the power to the PC - then it will go off.

Or simply disregard it - it's not a problem. Motherboards are always left with power on them unless power is switched off from the mains.

  MAT ALAN 06:54 18 Mar 2010

DieSse is right a lot of new ATX mobo's leave a charge to the +5v, so you can wake the PC from standby, that sort of thing...

  skeletal 14:15 18 Mar 2010

Mine would stay on if I let it, but I turn off the computer at the mains...that sorts it out!

Mine also will not allow the computer's screen saver to come on. A request for help from customer services, as is often the case, did not elicit a reply. It seems that even mice and their drivers are now so complicated that they no longer behave as most would expect.


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