Mouse Adaptor Problem

  Kaacee 15:05 28 Aug 2003

I currently have a standard serial mouse connection and wan't to convert to PS2,I acquired a Mouse Adaptor which is a 9DB female to a 6 PIN MINI DIN FEMALE,after plugging into the existing serial connection and then connecting a new PS2 mouse which states it is easy to install just "plug and play" i expected the mouse to work but instead i get a message up on the PC screen saying words to the effect."no mouse detected..."

Can anyone please assist me in setting this up to run.

I operate Windows 98SE, the mouse is connected to Com port 1.

I am a computer novice as you have probably gathered,so any simple advice would be appreciated.

  SEASHANTY 15:26 28 Aug 2003

I do not know why it will not detect the mouse if it is plug and play. Perhaps there is some info on this Microsoft support site which may point to the fault.
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  DaEvil1 15:35 28 Aug 2003

i hav a *really* old computer that only has com ports on it. i tried to use a so called "converter" but i too ended up with this problem. for some reason, win 98 wouldn't accept the new mouse (being ps2). the really weird thing though is that when the new converter was added, win 98 decided to show in device manager one ps2 port, although i don't hav one.
do u reckon this is just ms playin us all up or wot?

My solution was to go to a local computer shop and buy an old fashioned serial port mouse for £5. i won't be nice and flashy, but at least it'll work!!

hav fun, phil

  SEASHANTY 15:44 28 Aug 2003

You could also check in Windows "Device Manager" for conflicts. There is also the option there to troubleshoot. On PC's with PS2 sockets the Mouse is fixed to run on IRQ12 with the option to use Auto setting greyed out (i.e. you cannot change it). The serial ports use Comm1 (IRQ4) and Comm2 (IRQ3) but both these ports can be set to Automatic settings by clicking the box. If you have been using a serial mouse on Comm1 the setup may be different. If it will not install using the serial to PS/2 adaptor see if you can troubleshoot this from Device Manager taking note of any conflicts mentioned.

  Kaacee 21:27 28 Aug 2003

Seashanty,no conflicts shown in device manager,would appear as DaEvil1 says that win 98 don't like this adaptor business,so will have to stick with my old serial mouse.....sigh!!!!!

Thanks for your help in this matter.

Will click as resolved

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