dwhiteley 12:36 25 Sep 2014

i have a stange mouse problem i was usint it and was fine but the next day it is very eratic (left=down right=up up=left donwn=right) very strange

  chub_tor 12:46 25 Sep 2014

It may or may not be faulty, could be a settings problem. Go to Control Panel, Hardware and sound, Devices and Printers, Right click on the mouse and look for a menu that says Settings. You should be able to return these to default.

You don't say if it is a wired or wireless mouse or if it is the old trackball style or optical. That plus your Operating System would help to pin the problem down.

  rdave13 12:52 25 Sep 2014

Also check the laser lens is clean.

  dwhiteley 13:09 25 Sep 2014

its windows 7 and wire less mouse i tried you advice chub_tor but got no hardware option

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:14 25 Sep 2014

New batteries required?

  alanrwood 13:20 25 Sep 2014

Try reinstalling the driver

  spuds 16:27 25 Sep 2014

I have a wireless mouse (Packard Bell) that plays up on occasions. Usually a clean of the three internal rollers (fluff) and battery change does the trick.

What make/model is your wireless mouse?.

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