Mounting brackets/rails for a DAT drive in a DELL

  Qu1ks1lv3r 15:49 13 Sep 2007

I look after a Dell PE2800 server, it has a pair of 5.25 bays on the front, the top most of the two contains a Dell PowerVault 100T DAT72 tape backup drive. I have a second identical drive that i now wish to install into the bay beneath in a similar manner.

Problem is this - my colleague tell me that Dell are no longer selling the mounting brackets / rails needed to install the drive. I have had a fruitless look through the internet for a number of weeks now and hope that someone in the forum may be able to suggest a solution to the problem... anybody know a source for the brackets? Is there a parts site somewhere ive missed? Anyone happen to have what im after? Or any alternative suggestions?

Many thanks in advance for your help!


  skidzy 16:00 13 Sep 2007
  skidzy 16:04 13 Sep 2007
  Qu1ks1lv3r 16:27 13 Sep 2007

Thanks for the links skidzy, i have actually visited the second link once or twice before on my travels. I am not entirely sure what i need, as i understand it the bracket need to be specific for BOTH the server (Dell PE2800) AND the drive (Dell PowerVault 100T DAT72). It may fit one but not the other unless it is the exact right one... i'm not sure how to tell!?

  skidzy 17:53 13 Sep 2007

sorry i would not have a clue.The only thing i could possibly suggest,is to remove the other one and look for an id code...but i would guess thats just not possible.

Though your best bet is to contact Dell with as much info as you can collect.

  Qu1ks1lv3r 14:11 20 Sep 2007

OK, now managed to get some server downtime, heres the pictures and full specs / measurements:-

Rails are 18mm high, 155mm long and 8mm wide.
There is a screw hole 48-50mm from the front, and a second 120-128mm from the front. The 'clip ridge' is 75mm back from the front and it is 146mm until it tapers at the rear (not important).

click here
click here
click here
click here

Anyone have anything that might suit, or even with a bit of hacksaw manipulation perhaps?


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