Mount Satnav

  Liza 19:21 12 Apr 2010

Not a pc problem but I was wondering if someone could help. My niece has a Garmin Satellite navigator which came with the mount and bracket. The mount has a suction pad on one end and a goose neck with a ball on the other end. The bracket has a hole in the middle presumably to connect the ball. We have been trying to insert this ball into that hole but it is so hard. Is there any easy way to attach the bracket. The bracket will then hold the satnav because the bracket is oblong and has a lip on either side. Can someone help please. Liza

  peter99co 19:34 12 Apr 2010

It needs a good hard push. If it is a Garmin it should be fine. Dont leave it attached in the windscreen when you are NOT in the car. Cars get broken into if they contain SAT-NAVS.

  john 52 19:37 12 Apr 2010

If you go to the Pocketgps website they will have many users on there who will be able to help you

Hope its okay to recommend there site on here ???

  john 52 19:39 12 Apr 2010

good advice from peter99co !!do not even leave a the mount on show or any marks on your windscreen were the mount has been

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:51 12 Apr 2010

is correct it needs a good hard push.

  peter99co 21:05 12 Apr 2010

Place the FLAT part of the bracket on a supporting surface and push down hard on the gooseneck. Apply a drop washing up liquid to the ball and wash of after.

  Liza 11:03 13 Apr 2010

peter99co and others
Thanks one and all and peter99co I did not have to go to that website, what you said did the trick. Wonderful. Good advice about removing from windscreen. Niece actually lost one but from the glove compartment. Car was not locked!! I will click resolved. Liza

  peter99co 11:13 13 Apr 2010

If you register the sat-nav and then go to the dashboard on the website. You maybe entitled to latest updates. You do need to plug in the sat-nav to do this.

At least go to the website to download the manual (pdf) so you know how everything works.

I downloaded a Pub Guide for only £4.99.

Not sure about this but I have heard a Sat-Nav can be detected in the glove box. If it is not switched on I dont see how but someone may confirm this.

  northumbria61 12:28 13 Apr 2010

peter99co - "Not sure about this but I have heard a Sat-Nav can be detected in the glove box. If it is not switched on I don't see how but someone may confirm this"

I think Liza may have been referring to the advice given to removing mount etc. and all traces from the windscreen. I never leave my Sat-Nav in the car but if there are any "signs of one" a would be thief wouldn't hesitate to break in and check.

  KremmenUK 12:40 13 Apr 2010

Brodit make dedicated SatNav and Phone mounting brackets for most makes of car.

Go to DSLDevelopments for the full range.

Certainly beats using windscreen suckers with the above theft advice.

  peter99co 15:21 15 Apr 2010

At those kind of prices I would stick to a cleaning cloth!

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