Motoring this time -Sized fuel cap

  jack 09:42 18 Sep 2008

So oft I went to Maidstone yesterday - 45 mile round trip- better gas up I thought - got to the pump,grasped the nozzle- took it to filler cap - cap would not unlock - seized on - replaced nozzle did the trip - just-- 3-in-1 spray released it when I got home - but what will prevent it happening again?
It has happened in the past too but with struggle got it off that time - but the risk of snapping ignition key in in the lock is high and would be a double calamity.

  oldbeefer2 09:43 18 Sep 2008

New cap?

  Andsome 09:46 18 Sep 2008

Maybe I have made a mistake, but I thought that this was a computer forum.

  Arnie 09:57 18 Sep 2008

I'll help anyone with anything if possible.
Here's what I would do jack.

Take a large container that will hold sufficient motor oil to cover your petrol cap, 10/20 SAE will do fine. Leave the cap in the oil for a couple of hours or so to give it a good soak.
Now wipe off the surplus oil.

This should allow the cap to operate much longer without snagging.

Bike chains respond well to this treatment after cleaning.

  jack 12:17 18 Sep 2008

We are all buddies here.
Thanks Arnie- will give that a try.

  oldbeefer2 12:37 18 Sep 2008

Still think new cap!

  laurie53 20:28 18 Sep 2008

Jack said quite clearly in the title that the post was about motoring.

Did you open it just to have a moan?

Only thing about oil, Jack, is that if it has a rubber seal you'll ruin it.

Maybe brake fluid or auto transmission fluid

  Arnie 00:45 19 Sep 2008

"Only thing about oil, Jack, is that if it has a rubber seal you'll ruin it."

Good point laurie, but synthetic rubber should be ok.
The cap I had on an old Chevette many years ago, used a thick fibre washer as a seal. Two side wings moved in and out to lock under the filler spout lip on turning the key.

Sometimes the wings would become stiff.

  sinbads 09:30 19 Sep 2008

is quite correct to point out that this is not computer related,. This should have been posted in the speakers forum (see forum rules under Post in the correct forum section)

  jack 10:26 19 Sep 2008

- Moaners click on
Went to Halfords discovered that a replacement locking cap is special order and costs £15

Pondered a moment , came to conclusion the replacement would in time go the same way and there for purchased a cheapo plastic one which then can be levered or cut off if need arises.
I could imagine the a seized 'lock on' could be a tricky thing to remove without damaging the filler top.

  sinbads 11:55 19 Sep 2008

Not a case of moaning as you put it just pointing out that your thread should have been posted in the speakers forum.

This is the idea of having the various forums

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