motherboards and cpu's amd or intel, asus a7n8x-e

  davy_b 20:27 26 Jan 2004

i am starting to build a computer for the first time and am wondering what is the best processor (amd athlon 3000+ or pentium 4). also i cant decide what motherboard to use i have picked the asus a7n8x- deluxe but am still not sure. advice required. also what do u think about the saphire radeon 9600 xt 256 mb ddr graphics card.

  Bazz2000 20:32 26 Jan 2004

It all depends what you want to use you pc for. Games, net only etc.

  davy_b 20:38 26 Jan 2004

games and tech work

  davy_b 20:39 26 Jan 2004

i want a good smooth, reliable system im using 512ddr aswell, cheers for the responce

  DAG88 20:45 26 Jan 2004

The AMD processors are better for games and also better performance per £.

As for the graphics card, that is the 1 i am considering buying. The 128MB version can be bought for £100 ex VAT on click here

From what Ive read it is a good card for the money but it is better getting a 9800 XT if u can afford it

  Bazz2000 20:49 26 Jan 2004

Everybody has different opinions when it comes to pentium and athlon. When buying a mobo think of what you need or might use in the near future. e.g. How many pci slots, Does it have an agp slot or is it onboard sound only, how many memory slots does it have. You get the piont. The main thing I have found about graphics cards is, it depends how much you wanna spend.

  davy_b 20:57 26 Jan 2004

cheers, the mobo has 5 pci, i agp 8x, 3* ram slots, firewire and 6 usb 2.0 ports. I dont want to spend much more than £105 for the graphics card and the mmobo is £75

  davy_b 21:02 26 Jan 2004

so you would recomend the athlon 3000xp+ processor, what about the mobo, anyone have it? because i dont want to buy rubbish so all views are welcome. cheers

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