richpickx 19:44 31 Jan 2005

I want to buy a motherboard, what, for about 70 pounds is the best sort i can get. What should i be looking out for and stuff, like what are the best makes, or types?


  PA28 19:52 31 Jan 2005

Do you have a processor and/or memory - or is this to be included in the £70?

  PA28 20:52 31 Jan 2005

richpickx replied (via another thread) "i currently have a pentium 111 proccessor 1000 megahertz, and 256 memory (im reading this off a sheet, i dont know what it means!). I was going to buy one bit of PC at a time, starting with the motherboard"

You will need a P3 Motherboard that will accept this processor and memory. I suspect that this means going secondhand as the P3 is now very dated. Maybe others can make a suggestion as choice will be limited.

It might be worth looking at budget bundles from someone like click here for a more up to date processor - but this is probably going to cost a bit more than £70. No doubt others will post with their suggestions. Good luck!

  Completealias 11:52 01 Feb 2005

Ebuyer click here looks like it might have one mother board that supports your processor not sure about your memory though as you don't have the specs on that just click on motherboards then pentium 3 there is only one.

Having a quick look through the manual found here
click here

It supports up to a 1ghz processor although as I said can't tell about your memory as don't have the specs.

Having a quick look at the specs of it it supports upto 1.5gig of ram has an AGP 4x slot and 5xPCI slots, onboard sound, 2 USB slots possible an onboard modem by the looks of it and is in the ATX form factor might well do the job for ya and its only £40

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