MASE 1 19:02 29 Dec 2003

As any-one got any views on ASROCK. Would be pleased to hear Good and Bad

KT7V4-4X seems ok, had it over a month no real problems except for dodgy 1.3 BIOS that was soon flashed and working ok...

Plenty of overclocking option's....

Should be taking my XP2600 to XP3200 speed's also one or 2 other tricks aswell!

  dazzling (work) 19:58 29 Dec 2003

have no personel experience but i think they are asus' cheap range.if this is true asus mobo get good reviews.its like everything else you gets what you pays for.i have an abit motherboard never any bother from it rock solid but more pricey trade of is will run cheap ddr no problem cheap boards seem to like exspensive memory.daren

  toothwright 21:03 29 Dec 2003

Hi there

Have recently rebuilt 2 PCs using ASRock mobos - KT7V4-4X and K7VT2

Used these mobos because they were all I could get at the time and I was in a rush to get things up and running.

Using SDRAM in the K7VT2

So far no problems and I am delighted with them -
the BIOS in both is a doddle to configure unlike some boards I've used.

Have to say that both machines are only used for "office" work so I can't comment on use for games.

Hope that this helps

  GuyR 12:29 30 Dec 2003

k7s8xe installed on new machine earlier this year, cheap board but easy to use and manual very clear.
U should be OK

  MASE 1 13:01 30 Dec 2003

Thanks Folk. that is good enough for me.
Five out of Five is not bad.

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