Motherboard/Graphics card compatability

  dads3a 19:10 31 Aug 2007

is there a website that will tell me if a certain motherboard is compatible with a certain graphics card.


  Technotiger 20:14 31 Aug 2007

This should point you in the right direction regarding graphics cards.

click here

  dads3a 20:40 31 Aug 2007

Thanks for that Technotiger I maybe should have explained myself a bit better.

I'm looking for somewhere that will tell me if I can put an NVidia FX5200 in an old Pentium 3 that the wee boy is using toget him started on computers

  Technotiger 20:50 31 Aug 2007

Hmmm, right - yes that card should work with the old P3, P3 being part of that cards minimum spec.

  mrwoowoo 20:55 31 Aug 2007

i see the fx5200 comes as an agp as well as a pci express.
if it's the agp card then as technotiger says it should be ok as a pentiun 3 board will be agp.

  dads3a 21:44 31 Aug 2007

excellent many thanks

  norman47 21:56 31 Aug 2007

It does if the motherboard sports an AGP slot and IF that AGP slot is fast enough.

Do you know what motherboard you are using.

  woodchip 22:26 31 Aug 2007

Some Nvidia Cards have problems with Via chipset on motherboard

  woodchip 22:27 31 Aug 2007

PS this new type Graphics and Mobo's

  dads3a 22:50 31 Aug 2007

Do you know what motherboard you are using.

Found these numbers on it if there any help to you


IMEA10102643 AAA19243-406


  mrwoowoo 23:01 31 Aug 2007

try this .mainboard manual.just download it.( adobe needed to view it)

click here
personally i would just put the card in and give it a try,but others may advise differently,so your choice.

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