motherboard upgrade problem

  gregoir 21:58 23 Jul 2003

Hi anyone

I have just upgraded my PC from a P4 1.7 XP MATX motherboard to an ABIT SG71 with P4 2.66 the pC stops loading XP with the blue screen message that the boot disk has a virus or missing data(which it hasn't) as it works back with the old motherboard

The error messaage is 0x0000007B(0KF894C640,0xC0000034,0x00000000,0x00000000)

Any ideas

I'm desperate

  Bodi 22:03 23 Jul 2003

when you installed the new motherboard & CPU?


  Bodi 22:11 23 Jul 2003

Are you using a floppy boot disk? If so, why not boot directly from your Windows installation CD? You only need to change the boot configuration in the BIOS temporarily until Windows is installed - once installed, change your boot configuration back again. Is this possible with XP?


  gregoir 22:15 23 Jul 2003

I did not reformat as I dont have the XP installation discs

  gregoir 22:21 23 Jul 2003

Can I ring Microsoft activation line or someone said the sp1a pack might fix the problem ---any ideas??

  Bodi 22:23 23 Jul 2003

Now I'm not well up on XP - although I have it, I found most of my drivers were incompatible - and some of the stuff I was too old for driver upgrades. However, don't you have to "register" XP, or something? Wouldn't it appear, that with a new motherboard & CPU that your machine was a new one?

I'm not being much help, and don't understand why you haven't got an XP installation disk, but surely someone on here can help?


  woodchip 22:26 23 Jul 2003

Then it looks like you are up the creek without a paddle. As you need to reformat the drive you could just try loading the motherboard drivers. If you can get them to load with a Win98 disc and choose to start with CD-ROM support then put the CD in and do a DIR of the CD and look for setup file if there is you may be able to just type setup and press enter

  gregoir 22:35 23 Jul 2003

I think I might try ringing Microsoft pls don't laugh!!!

  shortcircuit 22:41 23 Jul 2003

To be honest. I have always had problems either immediately or later down the road if I install a new mobo without a clean install. There is just too much going on that little drive and we need to give it a chance!!Your manufacturer might be able to help with the install on the Hd but I doubt it. Ebuyer are selling Xp for £65!! Buy it and live happily ever after.It might be an upgrade but surely you can put your hands on a 9x disk!!

  Mysticnas 22:45 23 Jul 2003

i had the same problem. Hotswaping stuff around to a new motherboard may not be a prob if the new motherboard is using the same chipset. However, like me, you seem to have upgraded to a new mobo which has a diff chipset on it. Windows may not boot at all, and if it does it will crash eventually.

It's all down to the drivers. If you don't have much on the hard drive that you need to keep then you might as well reformat it.

The only other option is to add the drive to another computer as a slave drive. You can then either save the data onto CD or the master drive of that pc, or create a partition on that drive using something lie partition magic. Then plug the drive back into your new setup.

If you choose to simply save your data then you just need to reformat the drive and then copy your files back onto the dirve after.

or if you chose to partition you need to boot off the CD and install to the empty partition.

BUT be aware, you need special software to partition the dirve if you don't want to loose whats on it. otherwise if you just do windows partition then it will wipe the drive.

If you don't have another pc ask a mate for help.

hope this helps.

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