Motherboard Upgrade

  DuncanG 14:47 06 Jan 2006

Afternoon everyone, I have recently upgraded my RAM and Graphics card to a Radeon 9800 pro and crucial 1.25 GB of RAM. (From a 9600 and 512 MB).

The improvement in games has been slight, my motherboard only runs at 4x AGP (An MSI K2M Combo). Would upgrading to a new mother board at 8x AGP make a noticable improvement?

  citadel 21:11 06 Jan 2006

the difference in speed would not be worth it as it only gives a small gain.

  PaulB2005 21:18 06 Jan 2006

If anything at all.

  Totally-braindead 21:21 06 Jan 2006

Have to agree with the others, you would think upgrading from a motherboard with 4x AGP to 8x AGP would give you double speed or whatever. I don't understand how it works but its nowhere near this. The difference would be so slight its unlikely you would notice it.

  DuncanG 19:12 07 Jan 2006

Cheers for the comments guys, wont bother with a MOBO uggrade if its just going to be a lot of hassle for minimal improvement.

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