motherboard replacement. is it easy?

  lonemascot 00:39 10 May 2006

i just bought a computer but on closer inspection i have realised that the motherboard only has 2 pci slots. Which is rubbish cos i need more

is there a way to add a few on without changing the board?

if not how easy is it to swap it for a new board. is it just a case of taking everything off and putting it on a new, better equipped board?


  Stuartli 01:06 10 May 2006

It sounds as though you have a miniATX board - the maximum number of PCI slots is usually three as the board is (obviously) smaller than an ATX board.

If you detail the board then more information can be provided.

  Stuartli 01:06 10 May 2006

The case will also be smaller - can be a devil to work in...:-)

  mgmcc 08:41 10 May 2006

Don't know if this helps click here

  sunny staines 13:04 10 May 2006

make a sketch of where various leads go and which way round they fit. may prove helpful if you get stuck.

  [DELETED] 15:23 10 May 2006

dunno if its my understanding of the card shown on maplins site ( mgmcc post) but if you plug that into one slot and then two cards, arnt you blocking the other two ports that are on the main board? or are you ment to plug them in the last slot and hope you have a big enough case to plug 2 more cards in?

  lonemascot 17:27 11 May 2006

mgmcc: that adapter wouldn't really suit me as i 'd need to get to the actual face of the cards, but thank you anyway.

Staurtli: my case is of a normal size but the board does look a lil bit shorter in height. the board is listed below:
ASRock 939S56 Motherboard
I bought the computer off ebay click here for a detailed spec sheet

i still would like to know if changing it is straight forward.

thanks peeps

  [DELETED] 17:47 11 May 2006

"It's easy if you know how"

A few words of warning though:

1. Place componants in anit-static bags; to avoid frying your chips.

2. Use and anti-static wristband; to avoid frying your chips

3. Don't use magnetic screwdrivers; to avoid fying your chips


Also, have a read of this article here: click here

The main problem will probably be once you get to this point: click here


  [DELETED] 17:54 11 May 2006

It seems like quite a nice PC for how much you paid for it. Changing the board is pretty straightforward, but it involves taking out all of the components and putting them back in the new one. Seems simple but you've just gotta make sure everything's compatible. After looking at your current spec, you should make sure that your new board has the following:

AMD 939 CPU socket

PCI-Express socket

PC3200 DDR RAM at 400 Mhz

IDE or ATA hard drive interface (not SATA)

6 channel surround sound

an RJ45 Ethernet network port (If you're going to network it up)

4 USB 2.0 ports on the back and the ability to expand by adding the ports on the front that your case already has

Note: The RAM could be either 168 pin or 184 pin. It doesn't say which yours is on eBay but I'm guessing it's 184 pin as this is the most common. If you look at the bottom of the RAM stick, you'll see a notch where it fits into the slot. If there is 1 notch it's 184 pin and if there are 2 notches it's 168 pin. So just get a board that fits yours.

  [DELETED] 18:00 11 May 2006

If that is your case and your specs for the computer, then yes you can use a larger motherboard. Even without nowing the size of the case, you can tell. That case has room for 4 optical drives. Working on that assumption the case will be around 16" or higher.

So it will take a larger motherboard.

Changing a motherboard is very simple. Make sure you have thermal paste to reapply on the cpu. then just read the manual, main points are that you get the front connector pins on correctly.

  lonemascot 18:13 11 May 2006

doesn't sound too hard, just be careful of frying chips apparently lol.

i actually upgraded to a 120GB SATA hard drive and 1024mb of RAM too.

next question, can anyone recommend a fairly decent board with all the features mentioned in rodriguez's thread with 4 or more pci slots.

thanks for all your help peeps

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