Motherboard queries

  ashleycardwell94 20:42 01 Dec 2009

I wan to buy a motherboard - i have two choices.
buy this one click here

or buy click here=
with click here

but is celeron dual core better or worse than Intel pentuim dual core?i dont mind paying a bit more for pentuum dual core as long as it is better, i will install 2X 4GB DDR2 240Pin DIMM ram cards with Balistics LEDs?
will this work?

  howard64 09:27 02 Dec 2009

the celeron is the cheap version and will no way be as good as the the full pentium. Check that the mobo can run with that amount of ram with the operating system you are going to use. EG my asus mobo states in its specifications that it cannot handle more than 3GB ram using 32bit operating system. It works fine with 4GB on 64bit.

  donki 10:21 02 Dec 2009

The Pentium is a much better processor and would be my recomendation, but it all really depends what you will be using the PC for.

  retep888 11:48 02 Dec 2009

Your CPU and mobo choice might disappoint you sooner or later after you purchased it.

<<i will install 2X 4GB DDR2 240Pin DIMM ram cards with Balistics LEDs?>>

Looks like you're a potential gamer,then if you can ,get this C2D CPU(or upwards) click here

Mobo click here with the ICH10 chipset and onboard GMAX4500(320MB)DX10 supported will keep you going for sometime.

And later if you like or saved enough money,add an ATI 4800 series gx card to it.

  GaT7 12:09 02 Dec 2009

A few things to note:

* You've chosen a mATX motherboard - any particular reason for this? If your case is a standard ATX, a full ATX motherboard will be preferable.

* You said you'll be using 2X 4GB Crucial DDR2 RAM, but didn't you mean 4x 2Gb? If using 4 modules, you'll want a motherboard with 4 RAM slots. All the above have only 2 RAM slots.

* As donki mentioned, what will you be using this system for? And do you have a budget?

* If you're looking for a bundle, consider CCLonline click here & Novatech click here instead. They have a better range, & definitely better customer services than Aria/Saverstore.


  ashleycardwell94 18:29 02 Dec 2009

I have purchased a case
click here
i am lookin for using the PC for small/light gaming, but with a dual core processor.
it doesnt need to have on board graphics bit if you find one that does can it be Good graphics not intel onboard, - Nvida Graphics For example.
i am very close to buying this
click here
it seems to have not bad graphics but could i remove the CPU and replace it with a pentium dual core? instead of a celleron dual core?

  GaT7 17:55 03 Dec 2009

As the case is an ATX one, consider an ATX motherboard, & one with 4 RAM slots if you intend using 4 RAM modules (sorry to keep repeating myself).

Onboard graphics is not meant to play 3D games on, so you'll need a dedicated one. What games are you thinking of playing? Keep in mind that a mid-range(ish) graphics card costs £80-100 - thinking of a HD 4870. The selection will depend on the games & resolution you intend playing at.

Btw, the PSU in the case you've chosen isn't very good - it's likely to be a 'generic' one & certainly not capable of running a gaming-grade graphics card that requires extra power from the PSU.

I would recommend buying a suitable bundle the first time around.

Why do you think you need 8Gb of RAM? And of the premium, expensive variety at that?

And what else are you going to be using the PC for? G

  chippy+ 19:58 03 Dec 2009

hi i have been given a acer 5610 laptop gould anyone tell me how good this is thanks Chippy

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