motherboard processor support?

  mannock 11:05 09 Feb 2008

i seem to be in a catch 22 situation, i am assembling a new pc and have purchased the motherboard gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L and am looking at processors to buy. but on the gigabyte processor support page it lists products by revision numbers, so my board is revision 1.0, ok, but then it lists supported cpu's by bios versions. it then explains how to see what version you have, but to view it you have to have a working machine. so how can i be sure of processor support before i buy? and this problem seems to be the same for all makes of motherboard.

  citadel 13:59 09 Feb 2008

it must work with any quad or core 2 duo otherwise they would never sell any boards.

  mannock 15:43 09 Feb 2008

yes, but what is worrying me is that on their site they state that certain processors need certain bios versions, and i may take a chance and find the machine will not boot up. maybe they mean that for full performance you need the updated bios, but it is certainly not clear.
i would like to try one of the new intel quad cores due out this month, but the board may have been made months ago and be outdated. i have emailed gigabyte with the serial number and will have to be patient and see what they say. i will post the results as soon as i know.

  skidzy 16:45 09 Feb 2008

Supported cpu for your mobo GA-P35-DS3L (rev. 1.0) click here

  mannock 19:12 09 Feb 2008

thanks skidzy, but did you notice the version numbers? that's the problem.

  skidzy 19:22 09 Feb 2008

Mannock i can see your point,but if the boards revision is 1.0 im pretty confident that most of the supported cpu's will work.

Looking here click here
i think i would go for a F2 version,basically there a few minor bugs within the bios.

I would never touch a BETA BIOS though !

  citadel 19:28 09 Feb 2008

I have never heard of anything like this before only some older boards need a bios update for the new cpu's.

  mannock 18:18 12 Feb 2008

thanks everyone, just had a reply from gigabyte, they said ok to install the latest chips, but to update the bios afterwards.

  Totally-braindead 18:23 12 Feb 2008

I think what will happen, and I haven't tried this but this is what I think, the boards will work with the processors, even if they aren't listed BUT they will not correctly identify them and might not work full speed. But it should work and once up and running you flash the BIOS and then it will correctly recognise the CPU and run at the proper speed.

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