Motherboard Problems

  Gosford 22:45 19 Apr 2003

I have just built a new computer, and every thing was going fine, I'd installed Win XP and a couple of drivers. Now It Won't boot up. Nothing on the screen, no beep, it just powers up and thats it.

The only clue that I have as to what the problem is are some diagnostic LEDs that are on the motherboard that are saying that the memory is either not installed properly or is damaged. I have tried new memory and it made no difference.

Has anyone got any suggestions?

  DAICAP 22:57 19 Apr 2003

If you can check the memory on another pc to make sure its working. Also check the motherboard manufacturers site to see if theres any special requirements (some motherboards want work with cheaper generic memory). Check the graphics card is seated correctly AGP cards can look as if they're inserted correctly but may not be.

  Dr Lecter 23:20 19 Apr 2003

I am a win98se user. I built my own pc as well.I would say either the RAM module is dud OR it is not compatible with your Mobo. I had a similar prob to you , IE black screen, no BIOS beeps.
I don't want to insult your IQ but make sure you don't touch the gold contacts on the strip. Static can be lethal.

  Dr Lecter 23:22 19 Apr 2003

Which make is your Mobo?

  Gosford 23:29 19 Apr 2003

Daicap - I am pretty sure that my AGP card is in fine as it was working at first.

Dr Lecter - The motherboard is a MSI K7N2 with an AMD XP 2400+ CPU, the memory is 512 MB PC2700.
When I installed the memory, and everything else in fact, I made sure I was earthed and was very carefull not to touch the contacts.

  DieSse 01:35 20 Apr 2003

Well, it has to be something - that means motherboard, RAM, processor, AGP card or another card.

Start by taking out everything except the graphics card, one RAM strip, and the processor - disconnect the drves. Then you must check each item by substitution - you can't say, for instance, the AGP card was OK - something has to have gone wrong, or it would still work!

You can also try takng the board out of the case to power it - sometimes you can inadvertently cause a short to the back of the board - it can be caused, for instance, by having a support post where there shouldn't be one (no fixing hole in the board).

  DieSse 01:36 20 Apr 2003

PPS - also take out the processor and refit it - in case of bad contacts.

  rubella 08:58 20 Apr 2003

have you tried clearing the CMOS jumper?

  ardvarc 10:21 20 Apr 2003

I have just had a quick look at the manual and it could be several things. Try only one stick of RAM in slot 1 or both in slot 1 and 3. There is a 4 pin socket next to ATX socket for power to the processor so make sure that is connected if it is on PSU. They don't recommend attaching your CPU fan direct to MoBo connection if it is a 'power' type but using a adapter to connect to a 4 pin power plug. I also think that somehow the AGP card driver is suspect. What card is it and is it seated properly. You have had it running to install your OS so I would do what DieSse suggested and redo it bit by bit. Also did you install the MoBo drivers. Not being patronizing just trying to help ;-)

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