motherboard problem (i think)

  nobbie 18:24 30 Aug 2004

hi all, i am adding a 30 gig harddrive into a friends comp,BUT when inserted, boot up fails.
originally 20 gig hd (pri mas) + cdrw (sec mas) + dvd (pri sla) works OK, but when i install 30gig hd as sec slave, boot up fails, likewise, if i put 20 gig hd (pri mas) + cdrw (sec mas)then the 30gig hd as pri slave, works OK, its just when all four are connected boot up fails,
the 20 gig hd is using win 98 (which must keep)
but i do not know what mobo is in the comp, but i do know that it has a duron 1.2 processor,
hope this makes sense to someone, any help appreciated, thanks

  hugh-265156 19:54 30 Aug 2004

try keeping both the hard drives on the same ide and the optical drives on the other. check the jumpers are all set correctly.

  Dorsai 20:40 30 Aug 2004

I suspect jumper settings. Do what huggyg71 suggests though.

Dont know what mobo you have, nor the make of HDD, so can't be too spicific.

Put both Cd's on secondary cable, both HDD's on primary.

You might need to set jumpers for one Cd as Master, and other one as slave. Or you might need cabel select option for both.

ditto for the two HDD's.

If master (MA) and slave (SL), set old HDD with OS as (primary) master, new as slave.

If you need CS (cable select) put the OS disk on the end connector of the cable (the master plug so to speak) , and the new disk on the middle one.

dont matter much which way round for the optical drives.

If you need to set master and slave on one cable, do the same for the other. If cable select on one cable, the other too.

Unless it all works now, having followed huggyg71 suggestion in which case leave as is (as it works).

  nobbie 23:36 30 Aug 2004

thanks both, will give it a try

  nobbie 15:26 31 Aug 2004

i put all the devices on cable select, but still no luck, so i went into the bios and found that the primary master was not being detected, so i selected it to find automatically, which it did, now everything seems fine, so thanks for your help,:-)

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