motherboard problem

  bradnick 14:01 20 Feb 2006

hi there cant get any video output from my motherboard

PC Turns on all fans working,but no video output please help

  rmcqua 14:09 20 Feb 2006

As a first option, try removing and re-seating the RAM and CPU. Disconnect anything from the m/b that is not absolutely needed, including optical drives (if you have a bootable HDD).

  bradnick 14:17 20 Feb 2006

Hi there disconnected everything except the graphics card,reseated ram and cpu and still the same thing

  keith-236785 14:20 20 Feb 2006

try disconnecting everything except graphic card, disconnect hard drives, floppy, cdroms. remove all case header wires except "pwr", then try to power up the pc again.

is the cpu fan spinning when you press the power button?, if not then your mobo will shutdown to protect the proc.

i have the same board as you except it is the E+ version. with the same cpu (barton core), 768 333mhz mem and an FX5200 128mb graphics card,

looking at your spec i would expect that it might be the memory that is too slow for the proc but i believe it would just ramp the cpu down to 266mhz.

you may also have to unplug the graphic card and plug in an older type pci graphic card to get an output to the screen.

it could be that the primary graphics is set to PCI instead of AGP.

had this before but not on this board, had to put in an older type card before it would output to screen.

are you sure the monitor is ok?

have you set the FSB jumpers on the board to 266mhz.

jumper FSB_SEL0 should be on pins 2+3

jumper FSB_SEL1 should be on pins 1+2

page 11 in your manual (if its the same as mine) section 2.4 Jumper settings.

hope this is of some help

  bradnick 14:22 20 Feb 2006

i,ve set the fsb to 333mhz as the cpu is 2600+(333mhz) i,ve also tried a stick of 512mb ddr at 333mhz and still nothing,i,ve tried an older pci graphics card but nothing again,monitor is fine

  bradnick 14:25 20 Feb 2006

HI tried setting fsb to 266mhz but still nothing

  wobblymike 18:06 20 Feb 2006

Hi - just a thought - your original post says you can't get any video from your mobo - yet you have a graphics card fitted - I suppose your monitor is connected to that graphics card and not to the mobo vga output?

  bradnick 20:51 20 Feb 2006

there is no vga socket on motherboard only the graphics card

  bradnick 09:00 23 Feb 2006

Hi there took the pc to the shop were i purchased the procesor, had a phone call saying my motherboard blew the processor, so he replaced it with a slightly faster one but he still using my mobo, what i want to no is, is this possible and why if the motherboard blew the processor why still use the same motherboard on a new processor, he,s now wanting to charge me for the work, i think he maybe trying to rip me off

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