motherboard prob

  steveooo 14:36 30 Mar 2006

i have just purchased a ECS P4M800pro-m motherb with a p4 511 proccesor and ddr2 533 1gb ram i have hooked it all up and when i turn it on nothing comes on my monitor but there is power ? can anyone help??

  rmcqua 15:25 30 Mar 2006

Are you using on-board graphics or do you have a separate graphics card?

  steveooo 15:50 30 Mar 2006

i am using on baord is this ok

  steveooo 16:29 30 Mar 2006

can anyone help please

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:43 30 Mar 2006

Any beeps?

Check jumpers on board to see if disabling On board graphics (mobo manual)

Check memory sticks are inserted correctly.

Check 4 pin connector to power CPU is inserted on board

Onboard graphics enabled in BIOS?

  ed-0 20:14 30 Mar 2006

What pcb version are you using? I can't see any of the boards supporting a P4 511?

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