Motherboard, PCI express and AGP graphics cards

  Paula Michelle 18:02 16 Jan 2005

If I bought a state of the art motherboard such as the Asus A8N-SLi nForce4 which supports PCI express, (because I'm trying to think ahead) would I still be able to use a AGPx8 graphics card such as Radeon 9800 Pro with it?

Top of the range PCI express motherboards are not that much more expensive than the slightly older ones, but a state of the art graphics card is far more expensive. (+£200)

On the other hand buying non-PCI express motherboard would ensure that I wouldn't be buying a PCI express graphics card until I replaced the motherboard, which seems silly for the sake of a few quid. A PCI express graphics card might only cost £150 this time next year

  bremner 18:10 16 Jan 2005

click here# and you will see there is no AGP slot

  Paula Michelle 18:16 16 Jan 2005

Yeh, I already did, but I haven't the confidence that you have and I couldn't figure out whether I had read it right, missed something or just plain didn't understand what I was seeing.

I don't understand the workings of a motherboard. As they say today, "It does my head in."

I think I'm past it. Ready for the silly farm.

  bremner 18:52 16 Jan 2005

You can however it seems get Pentium boards that have dual PCI-E and AGP

click here

  Paula Michelle 19:02 16 Jan 2005

Thanks a lot for your help.
Yes, I had already decided on AMD Athlon 64.
I think I'll stick to the original plan and leave the PCI express possibilities for sometime in the distant future. It is frightening how each little improvement "for the sake of future proofing" sends the price up. I'll need to take out a mortgage for my PC at this rate!

What collateral have you got? Er, well would you accept a 45rt-uio-fds-whizz-bang-pro graphics card? It's got more fans than Man United!!

I digress......thanks a lot.

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