motherboard password

  Old Salt 16:14 15 Feb 2005

I've got a password on my motherboard, which I put in about three years ago, I need to change some settings and cannot remember my password, is there any way I can access this password, short of replacing my motherboard

  xania 16:17 15 Feb 2005

I THINK that, if you remove the internal mobo battery, for about 10 minutes to be sure, you will reset all the settings including the password. Some mobos have a jumper on-board that has the same function, but you will need to check the manual to see about this.

  Old Salt 16:20 15 Feb 2005

Thanks Xania, I'll give it a try

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:23 15 Feb 2005

BIOS Passwords
click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:24 15 Feb 2005

and BIOS Passwords
click here
click here

  Old Salt 18:45 15 Feb 2005

Thanks for the sites Fruit Bat I'm having a look, I'm sure I'll find something there to aid me

  josie mayhem 19:52 15 Feb 2005

Don't for get to clear comos as well as the battery.

I've always wondered why the hell they put mobo passwords at all. If you confident enough to go inside a computer case, then clearing the password is easy. If you not, then you won't need the password to protect the mobo settings.

So whats the point?

  xania 12:58 16 Feb 2005

Hi josie mayhem

I couldn't agree more. A pain in the whatsit.

  Old Salt 20:39 16 Feb 2005

No luck yet on a password I havnt had time to withdraw the battery as the PC is in constant 24hr use
My motherboard is an "MSI-6712(v1.X)ATX Mainboard
if anyone has a password to release the bios in this

  xania 09:05 17 Feb 2005


Some BIOSes lock down permanently after 3 failed attempts, but most BIOSes have many more possible passwords. Add to that te fact that you set up the password, and may well have set up something that was more meaningful then to you and that pathway leads to destruction. I think you will have to bit the bullet, stop using the PC for about an hour and get into the works.

  Old Salt 19:32 17 Feb 2005

Yes it certainly looks like it, I'm going to shut it down this weekend and take out the battery, if that dont work, its a new motherboard, What the heck, they are so cheap now, its hardly worth the aggro on the old board, thanks for your help

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