motherboard overheating

  23790954 18:38 30 Jun 2007

My system consists of a Gigabyte GA-K8N-SLI motherboard, supported by an AMD socket 939 64
3800+ processor, and 1.5 gig of 3200 DDR.
On my case I have 2 x 60cm fans, and 1 x 80 cm fan. My system is also fitted with a large CPU fan. I have checked that all these fans are fully functional. My problems is that when I check my system with SIS Sandra software, it warns me that my MOTHERBOARD is running too hot and I should recitfy the problem. Today for the first time my system has shut down for no reasons on a couple of occasions, and I can only put this down to the motherboard being too hot.
My system is powered by a 500 watt power supply unit. As I have ample fans actually running in my system, I wondered if anyone can suggest what to try to cure this overheating. Many thanks to all who offer advice.

  Technotiger 18:58 30 Jun 2007

Hi, check that the inside of your case is not too cluttered up, with the wide ribbon cables perhaps causing a bit of air-flow blockage. If they are, you could change to round ide cables, much cleaner and neater with plenty of air-flow between them. Also, where is your case positioned - if it is on or near the floor, and perhaps in a corner of the room under your pc desk, then best move it so that it has plenty of clean-air flow around it.

Make sure your fans are blowing in correct direction, In at the front of case, Out at the back,
and that the blades are sucking and blowing correctly.

Never make the mistake of removing one side of the case to help cooling - this in fact has the opposite effect and makes the interior hotter.

Hope I'm not 'teaching your to suck-eggs'.

  23790954 19:32 30 Jun 2007

Not at all technotiger. I am always glad of any advice. Will carry out what you suggested.
Many thanks.

  Strawballs 20:10 30 Jun 2007

Have you checked for dust clogged in the heatsink I had this problem recently and the dust was packed in quite tight once cleaned out with soft brush it stoped the shutdowns

  Quiet Life 12:01 01 Jul 2007

Speed Fan a free program downloadable from here click here will give system,CPU hardrive temperatures and might help in highlighting the problem.

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