Is this Motherboard or what - Please heeeeeeeeelp

  Muslimat79 20:18 27 Feb 2004

I have an ASUS A7NX8 Deluxe Motherboard, if I'm not mistaking the number [AN7--]which I used with AMD ATHLON XP 2400+ and everything worked fine until I decided to have AMD ATHLON XP 2600+ I installed this new processor, and nothing came up. I decided to put back the 2400+ and nothing shown up again. Though the board green light keeps coming up meaning that the board is ok. [if I'm right]. I decided to buy a lesser processor of 2000+ when I first fix this, it shown the setup menu which made me happy. I decided to put the system together after which nothing shown up again. Please help me if there's anything I can do to make my system come back to normal. Thanks for your constant help

  Muslimat79 20:21 28 Feb 2004

could anyone please solve this problem for me as this is making me mad. Thanks

  TECHNODIMWIT 20:30 28 Feb 2004

have you tried to reset the bios, as this may have been corrupted.

  anon1 20:51 28 Feb 2004

have you checked the voltage settings for the chip ie jumpers on the mainboard. Also check that nothing is shorting out. Make sure all the devices are properly connected.

  anon1 20:58 28 Feb 2004

you may find help here tooclick here

The green light on the motherboard is there simply to show that there is power to the memory sockets - most boards these days have a "suspend to ram" function which to all intents and purposes looks as though the PC is turned off. With this light on you can see its not before you disconnect the power supply and loose any data in the Ram.

I would think that what has happened is that the PC is not booting as it is not recognising the CPU at the correct settings and then failing to boot as a safety precaution. Go into the Bios and "load failsafe defaults" then try booting. If this works you will then have to run through the Bios to reset your main settings but this is not difficult. When you have got the system up and running then you can set the CPU speed / frequency in the Bios one more.

If this fails to work then there is a Jumper issue and you will need to look to the manual to set it to the correct pins.

  Muslimat79 10:56 01 Mar 2004

I will try and do just that today and let you know what happens next. I'm not always on the net, that's the reason why response from me is a bit slow.

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