motherboard or ?

  jmeg 23:05 01 Apr 2006

computor kept locking on xp load screen-so decied to clean install now major prob can't reinstall xp-tried 3 diffrent hard drives-2 diffrent graphics cards-2 diffrent memory sticks-tried to intall windows 98 and still no go is it a dead motherboard or am i missing something
throwing it though window next option

  terryf 23:06 01 Apr 2006


  jmeg 23:47 01 Apr 2006

loads windows xp as far as black xp screen then frezzes could it be cpu if so how would i know

  DieSse 23:57 01 Apr 2006

Possibly RAM or overheating.

You can test the RAM from just a floopy disk - click here

You can usually see the temperatures from the BIOS.

  jmeg 23:59 01 Apr 2006

no floppy drive on pc-just tried reinstall xp on hd but got to 20% format and seems stuck

  DieSse 00:09 02 Apr 2006

The link shows you how to run the test from a bootable CD too.

Also try going into the BIOS and setting it to the "fail-safe" defaults.

  DieSse 00:13 02 Apr 2006

There are several things that could be causing your problem (including the CPU, motherboard, PSU, RAM, Hard Drive, bad cable connections, etc.) - you'll have to eliminate the possible causes one by one - there's no other way. Guessing won't help you.

  jmeg 00:20 02 Apr 2006

is there a way to test cpu-psu-motherboard as i have tried cables-hard drives-memory-different windows discs and they all seem ok

  DieSse 01:42 02 Apr 2006

*is there a way to test cpu-psu-motherboard*

The only way is by substitution.

Did you try the BIOS rest yet?

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