Motherboard Opinion Please

  spuds 17:49 20 Oct 2007

I am trying to configure a new build computer, and I have a choice of selecting one of two motherboard. Which one would you advice as the better product, and why.


Gigabyte GA-M61VME-S2 1000fsb-ddr800x2 integrated

Could you also suggest a suitable graphic card that would be better that the onboard one (not into gaming. just standard home use).

  alan2273 19:15 20 Oct 2007

Have a look at this link it will give you an idea what is compatable.

click here

  Quiller. 19:16 20 Oct 2007

I would go for the Gigabyte motherboard. overall it takes a larger range of faster cpu's, you may want to upgrade later and has SATA11 300Mps against the MSI's SATA 1 that runs at a slower 150Mps.

I also prefer gigabyte boards over MSI as I have found MSI board to run quite warm.

  DieSse 19:44 20 Oct 2007

For "just standard home use" - there is absolutely no point whatsoever in adding a separate graphics board - the on-board one will be far more than adequate.

  DieSse 19:45 20 Oct 2007

But why aren't you getting a Core2 Duo processor? (and board).

  spuds 19:52 20 Oct 2007

alan2273. Strangely enough, Cougar are the people that have given me the choice of the two motherboards on a bare-bone system that I am getting built.

quiller. Looks like the Gigabyte motherboard then.

Thanks folks.

Anyone with any suggestions for a graphics card, from possibly the Cougar range or elsewhere. Prefer if Cougar supplied and installed re-warranty.

  spuds 20:02 20 Oct 2007

DieSse. The bare-bone unit should have a AMD Dual Core X2 4000 AM2 64 fitted. But I have a choice of others, ie 3800/4400 for about the same price, give or take £10.00.

I could have had Intel, but I have always used and preferred AMD. Again open to suggestion regarding what I might have and use, in the final product.

  DieSse 20:19 20 Oct 2007

With the Gigabyte board, I would simply re-iterate use the on-board graphics. There's simply no point in spending more to get a separate card.

I don't see processors as a "preference" item for one manufacturer or another - they're just a commodity where you get the one with the best price for the performance you need. And performance should be taken to include power consumption, as well as throughput.

I recommend you pay particular importance to getting a good, quiet, case, a good quiet PSU, and a top class heatsink/quiet fan for the processor.

The noise a system makes, and the heat it generates, is, these days, far more a factor to living with a system then the absolute zenith in performance.


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