motherboard msi 6775

  steven_frost 21:40 29 Sep 2004

just brought this motherboard installed it after psu blown on me installed all the stuff and fired it up but nothing no beeps not a thing other than cpu fan going on so i removed the graphics card and turned it back on then some life the hard drives came to life. do i take it that that has gone to if so whats the likely hood of the cpu being alive please help

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:10 29 Sep 2004

AGP boards are quite hard to install correctly, they can be very tight in the slot.

1. Make sure graphics card is fully inserted all gold contacts disappeared fully into slot.

2. Ensure memory sticks also fully inserted

3. Case speaker connected? for POST BEEPS beeps required for diagnosis of startup faults.

Would doubt if cpu faulty if MOBO suitable for CPU

  Rtus 22:54 29 Sep 2004

in a few examples cases were made so when fitting the motherboard with the provided spacers it took the motherboard below the correct settings for some AGP cards /PCI cards to fit correctly leaving a apparantly dead machine..As Fruit Bat has indicated check the card .looking for the contact strips showing above the slot. one way to get around it is raise the whole motherboard slightly by adding small fibre washers on top of the spacers its usually enough to get the Agp card to sit correctly.

  steven_frost 19:37 30 Sep 2004

case speak been plugged in but no post beeps i have removed and reinstalled the card and memory and still nothing

  steven_frost 09:46 02 Oct 2004


  steven_frost 10:58 02 Oct 2004

please some one help

  Rayuk 11:04 02 Oct 2004

If your psu blew then it could have took any of the components with it.
Only way is to try the video card in another pc or another video card in yours.
Its all down to testing each part in turn to find out which are good and which arent.

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