Motherboard installation in a zorro case

  oddesey 12:07 26 May 2004

Help!I'm having problems installing my Gigabyte GA-7VT600-L motherboard into a Zorro ATX case.

Instead of pre-drilled holes for the MB installation in the case, the case has raised metal'bumps' with pre-drilled holes in the centre of the 'bumps'. These holes do not seem to have any thread. If I put the brass risers into these 'bumps', the board sits too high for the ports to go through the cut out at the back of the case. If I don't use the risers, the board fits ok but is then obviously sitting on the metal of these 'bumps'.I have not come across an installation like this before. Am I missing something really obvious here? Should I get a different case? Can someone help please?

  dazzling 17:10 26 May 2004

it doesnt matter if it sits on the bumps and there metal brass conducts electricity aswell just fasten it down.if you have no threads in the holes there should be some plastic plug things that you force into the holes to hold the motherboard in place.darren

  ardvarc 17:42 26 May 2004

The screws will fasten down your MoBo. I had one like this and there were fibre washers with a white covering on one side, in the case screws and fittings bag. Peel this off and stick them on the relevant bumps that line up with the MoBo screw holes. You can use the brass pillars on the holes without 'bumps' if they line up, for more support and screw MoBo down. Fit CPU and heatsink before fitting MoBo.

  oddesey 12:22 27 May 2004

Thanks dazzling and ardvarc. I got some red washer type things in the bag with the screws - so I guess these should peel off and I stick them on the 'bumps'? They don't seem big enough to cover the metal though, am I being a real worrier or what?

  BeForU 15:14 27 May 2004

I just like to say that I use a Zorro Case myself, except mine doesn't have these raised bumps like yours does. Must be a different revision of the case design then. All I did with mine was just screw in the brass risers and it fits the motherboard well. But after reading this topic about the washers etc, it got me thinking how my motherboard hasn't even shorted out yet. I also have some red washers that came with the bag of screws, only problem is where do you put them? In case of my case version, do I put it between the brass risers and the metal of the case? Or do I put it between the brass riser and the screws to fit on the motherboard? Sorry to hijack this thread oddesey.

  oddesey 12:34 28 May 2004

Well I've installed the board. I put the red washers over the bumps and the board on top. I used two brass risers where there wasn't any bumps and in this case put the red washers on top of the board, between the screws and the board. I got a reply to my thread on another PC mag forum (aren't I naughty!) and was told that the MB is earthed around the screw holes anyway so it doesn't matter if it's touching the brass risers, screws or the metal bumps - is this true?

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