motherboard installation

  malgall 18:58 06 Jun 2003

i have a questio about my motherboard i am moving my system into a new antec 1080 case
but have been checking everything .when checking all the fixing scew positions were in the right place the 3 down left side ok 3 down right side ok and one in middle top and bottom also ok.
but there is one 1 to 2 inches in from right side the hole does not line up with one on case does this matter

  hugh-265156 19:02 06 Jun 2003

you can unscrew the case fittings and reinsert into the correct position on the case.

  hugh-265156 19:04 06 Jun 2003

i have a mini atx mobo and fitted it into a full tower case.

just needed to screw the standoffs into the correct holes first.

  Rayuk 19:24 06 Jun 2003

You can get small plastic standoffs that plug into the motherboard for support.

  malgall 19:24 06 Jun 2003

the old case has silver u shape standoffs that conect to case through holes in case
the new one has brass standoffs that screw to the case
i surpose i could use one of the old standoffs there is no hole in case but it would still support the case
but do i need it the hole is only an inch or two
inside the middle fixing on right side

  hugh-265156 19:39 06 Jun 2003

if you have eight screws holding the mobo then just having one screw missing,it will be fine.

make sure there is no standoffs touching the mobo apart from the ones that line up with the holes.

  keith-236785 19:55 06 Jun 2003

also bear in mind for future upgrades that one support is missing, pushing down hard as you need to to install memory or a card may damage your motherboard

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