motherboard info

  connora 16:59 11 Jun 2003

I have a e-machime pentium 3 800mz with 64Mb of ram, running ME.I want to upgrade to xp and so tried to upgrade my ram by adding sdram 128mb pc100 (correct type). I have rebooted pc and following POST get the error message, '032: extended RAM failed at offset:1A'.Visited cmos,192 registering,visited windows system properties 191 registering.Rebooted but still get error message.No info in manual with reference to motherboard manufacturer,type, version etc or printed on board itself, except to say that board supports upto 256mb ram.Have tried switching ram around,no joy. Am I right to query possible bios upgrade, how do I know if bios is flashable? Is there a utility that can determine motherboard make, bios version etc?Help

  behrouzn 17:12 11 Jun 2003

Try looking between the PCI slots and the model number and manufacturer should be there.

Alternitively, try a program like HWINFO, it tells you all the info about all the components in your PC.

  connora 17:16 11 Jun 2003

Have checked motherboard out,where do I find HWINFO?

  Rayuk 18:39 11 Jun 2003

Here you go click here

Or if that doesnt do the job try Aida32
click here

  connora 19:18 11 Jun 2003

behrouzn & Rayuk, have downloaded and will try, cheers.cheers

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