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  Taw® 20:51 13 Nov 2004

I have a AZ11EA mobo that I think may be on its way out. How would I know what motherboard to get that will fit in my existing case. i.e. for power connections etc?

  Gongoozler 21:17 13 Nov 2004

Hi Taw®. The FIC AZ11EA is a conventional ATX motherboard, so almost any other ATX motherboard should fit the case. If you are planning to fit a significantly faster processor you may need to replace the power supply, and it is quite possible that the new motherboard will require the 12V P4 connector even if it is an Athlon model. The other factors to be considered will be what graphics card you are planning to use, do you want onboard sound and whether you want to use your old SDRAM (there are very few motherboards available that use SDRAM, most use DDR)

  LastChip 21:23 13 Nov 2004

Any socket "A" ATX motherboard that supports a 200/266 FSB.

It's unusual (but not unknown) for a motherboard to fail. What makes you think this may be the case?

  Taw® 16:43 14 Nov 2004

LastChip I have been having a few probs with a bluescreen telling me some hardware is at fault. I have replaced all of the hardware and tried some from other comps and intermittently get the same message. I have also replaced the power supply, so this is like the last resort. Gongoozler thanks for that good advice

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