motherboard identification

  landerond 10:37 24 Feb 2006

Please advise how to check my motherboard to discover if it has a severe problem other than via the net (I can,t dial up due to this possible problem)

Mr flavell

  Gongoozler 10:46 24 Feb 2006

Hi landerond. Can you tell us what is the severe problem you have, and what the motherboard is.

  Smiler 10:46 24 Feb 2006

Download Belarc Advisor from here click here and run it.

  Gongoozler 12:02 24 Feb 2006

problem, at each start up the machine goes into safe mode,following the various avenues through gets nowhere, I have wiped and loaded every windows system from 95 to XP except NT total about 25-30 times, Thanks for any assistance


Hi landerond. Its best to reply via the Add a new response to 'motherboard identification' at the bottom of this page, that enables other forum members to contribute to the discussion.

If your computer gets as far as Safe Mode, then it's unlikely that the motherboard is causing the problem. I must admit to being baffled by the problem remaining after wiping and reinstalling various operating systems. When the computer gets to Safe Mode, have you tried disabling the Startup items in msconfig?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:46 24 Feb 2006

Motherboard ok, you would not get as far as Safe mode.

If op systems wont boot then suggest you have a problem with the hard drive, corruption of certain system files stored on the root of the drive, (some files have to be in acertain cluster on the drive), will cause you to have this problem.

  Gongoozler 17:02 24 Feb 2006

thank you for staying with me, yes I belong to a computer club in the midlands he advised me that,also to update BIOS which I have just done reloaded ME again same as usual loads O.K until first switch off then on start up "safe mode" Im using two other machines plus three hard drives which run O.K but not in the problem one.


Hi landerond. PLEASE reply via the "Add a new response to 'motherboard identification'" box at the bottom of this page, otherwise you'll only have me assisting with your problem, and then it will probably never get resolved.

When you wiped the hard drives, was it a complete reformat, a quick reformat or just a file delete?

  keith-236785 17:52 24 Feb 2006

any number of hardware problems can cause a system to boot to safe mode, normally its the memory at fault but dont take it as read, test by removing a stick of mem if you have more than one, try again, then swap the mem and try again.

if you find one will work and the other wont then you have your answer, if the mem is ok then try disconnecting all unnescessary items from the mobo, ie sound card, cd rooms or dvd drives, floppy drive and try again.

  landerond 19:19 24 Feb 2006

thanks gongoozler

full format format c: s/ confirmed in fdisk departitioned reformat , check in scandisk/dir/p

thanks all ( off to working mens club now)

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