motherboard ide slots

  swapper 14:54 24 Oct 2009

8K3A+ motherboard.

On the motherboard of our PC there are four IDE slots, two red and two black.

we also have two internal HD's "(C)" plus a backup drive, a DVD rom and a Dvd/CD/RW.

Can anyone advise us on the correct way to connect the ribbons to the ide slots from this hardware and what should be masters and slaves please?

We had reason to remove the ribbons from the slots, now we can get "C" drive on ide1 and either one of the cd roms, or the 2nd hd to ied2, but despite swapping everything about we cannot get everything to work together (as they did before we interfered), in my mind I am sure that in the first instance "C" drive ribbon went to ide3 (a red slot).


  woodchip 16:01 24 Oct 2009

If you check IDE slots you will see IDE 1 ans IDE 2 at the side of slots, normally you can connect two drives to one slot using IDE cable with three connectors on it. You need to use IDE 1 for your Main Drive set as Master with jumper on the back edge of drive, connect this to End of Ribbon cable. Other end goes to motherboard You need to check the jumper settings on the drives Slave goes to middle connector you cannot have two Master drives on one cable as also you cannot have two slave drives one the same cable, One Master and One Slave per Cable. If the Cables you are using are 80 wire then jumper on the drives can all be set to Cable Select Red wire goes next to power plug on drive and to pin 1 on the motherboard for them to work

  woodchip 16:03 24 Oct 2009

PS do not forget that C:\ drive need to be on IDE 1 for it to boot set as Master or Cable Select

  swapper 20:37 24 Oct 2009

thanks woodchip,
I have now got two drives "C" and the cdrom on one cable(40 wire)to IDE1, and the dvd/cdrom on a second cable to EDE2, I'm not now concerned about the 2nd HD because I have an external drive to use, so I am now o.k. I think?

As the PC loads and indicates the drives, when I pause the screen I see "Primary IDE Channel no 80 conductor cable installed" I do have a 80 wire cable, but the only drive that it will reach is the 2nd HD, there is now way that it will connect to 2 drives?
Is there anything that I can do about getting rid of that message do you think?


  woodchip 23:45 24 Oct 2009

can you move the Drive down a slot, or get a longer ribbon cable these should not be longer than 18 inches

  swapper 05:27 25 Oct 2009

Thanks woodchip,
I cannot move the drive nywhere, it is not a tower and there is not enough room, but I will look for a longer cable.
I'll come bak in the week.
Thanks again.

  bobbybowls 12:51 25 Oct 2009

In your 1st post you said you had removed the cables. If you have not moved the position of any of the drives the cables should fit.
Put the 2 hard drives on IDE 1 with the master at the end and the slave in the middle. do the same with the DVD drives on IDE 2.

  Muergo 13:11 25 Oct 2009

I bought a hard drive and cables fro Scan Computers, they were round instead of ribbon cables with same connections for master ans slave but take up less room in the case so better air flow. Also don't forget power adapter cable to get two feeds out of one if you are adding another drive

  swapper 22:53 26 Oct 2009

The 80 wire cable will not reach two items, just one, I was not aware at the time that there was such a thing as an 80 wire cable so did not pay much attention whe we removed it, at the time I thought it came from ide3 direct to the "C" drive.
But now that I have got "C" drive plus the other two drives working o.k. I am not to concerned about the second HD as I have also got an external HD for a backup.

Muergo, thank you, before I call it a day, I will do as you suggest, and attach in that order and come back.
At the moment the pc is in a corner, and I will have to reattach everything.

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