Motherboard HELP PLEASE!!!

  lggodd 19:06 01 Mar 2009

I was trying to do up my old computer for a friend and i have a slight issue with the motherboard...(Foxconn WinFast 6100K8MB-RS).

click here

Unfortunately all of the jumpers have been removed and i dont want to try and guess where they go. i have 6 white jumpers, 5 red jumpers and 2 green jumpers, 2 blue ones however are already on the motherboard (bottom left of picture, one at the very bottom and one on the left hand side)

If anybody could help me figure out where the jumpers go so i can get the computer up and running, that would be great!

Thank you!

  RFB 19:22 01 Mar 2009

Might find something here... click here


  Strawballs 20:52 01 Mar 2009
  lggodd 16:36 06 Mar 2009

first of all thank you for your advice above.

ive consulted the online manual and replaced the jumpers and all cable but i cannot get a picture on my monitor....

everything seems to be running fine so i really don't understand why its not working!

if anyone could help me please it would be great!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:54 06 Mar 2009

Onboard graphics disabled in BIOS or faulty graphics card

  lggodd 18:29 06 Mar 2009

i have tried my new graphics card which works fine for my new pc and it doesnt work.
would you know how to change the bios without a screen? :S


  Strawballs 09:43 07 Mar 2009

This may sound strange but if you have onboard graphics and a card, you are plugging the monitor into the right socket. The onboard will be the one that sits verticle in amoungst the other onboard sockets. If it is the onboard that has not been disabled then ity should work plugged into that one.

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