Motherboard health

  [DELETED] 09:21 08 Nov 2003

Anybody know the process/tools needed to check whether a mobo is faulty or not?

  Forum Editor 09:44 08 Nov 2003

that it might be faulty?

You'll usually know soon enough if you have a faulty board, because something won't function correctly - or at all. If you don't have any symptoms of this kind I wouldn't give it another thought.

  [DELETED] 11:24 08 Nov 2003

I've been given a mobo that was used in a system with a few problems. Mobo, memory and cpu have been replaced and as none of us are techs noone really knows the true source of the problems. Their system works fine now. So in order to find out if its the mobo with the probs I'd like to know how to check it out. Good info for the future anyway.

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