motherboard & harddrives

  taffyal 16:21 25 Aug 2004

Could anyone please advise? I have an old PC the m/board has AB-PR5 on it,Pentium S C.P.U. 200m/htz. The hard drive is U/S. It was a Caviar22100, model wda22100-00h, 2.1 gig. Can I replace it with a bigger one, & if so, what type?
On same subject, I just acquired a PC100 Supersocket7 m/board, with AMD K6=2 c.p.u. Would I be better to build with this, & what type of hard drive should I use? My new pc is OK, I just want to fix one up for grandchildren. Many thanks in advance, Al

  xania 16:43 25 Aug 2004

The mobo won't affect your choice of HD unless its very old, and you can certainly go as high as 16 GB without problems. Depends on your mobo whether you need a manager to go higher, but you can normally get these from the manufacturers web-site. Problem is that most of the sdmaller drives on hard to come by and, comparatively expensive. Trouble is that I can't foind anything on your board and apparently even Abit don't have it any more.

  Diemmess 17:00 25 Aug 2004

You haven't said which O/S presumably W98SE?

Even so, you should have little bother fitting say a 40Gb Hd for under £30.

What may be critical is having the motherboard drivers if you are starting with the "new" mobo, and be aware that w98SE can be difficult with large HDs. That is easily overcome by partitioning the new HD - probably a good thing anyway to try and keep little other than the O/S on Drive C:

I've found I needed to use the free downloadable Maxblast3 to make easy the partition and formatting of a new (Maxtore) 40GB HD

  taffyal 17:18 25 Aug 2004

Thanks. Sorry forgot to mention running M.E.,both boards carry 128 ram, presume PC100. Was thinking of used Hd's from ebay. Size not that important, but obviously hoped for more than 2.1., perhaps minimum of 10, depending whats available, & price. Probably 5 would be ok, mainly for internet, a little printing & w.p.Will see whats about- wont spend much in case I mess it up, my first attempt at anything like this! Many thanks, Al.

  Diemmess 18:00 25 Aug 2004

They may just be too small for the 1st user but you can't be sure of that.

There's nothing magical about larger HDs. At the bottom end of prices you are almost bound to buy 40Gb more reliably than an obsolete small one.

Try click here

as for RAM, if both boards use the same then it really will speed things up to fit 256.

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