Motherboard - hairline cracks

  Welsh Dragon1 19:46 04 May 2010

I have a laptop that stopped working completely. Took to repair shop. Problem apparently motherboard graphics card. Ordered new graphics card. This can't now be reapired due to hairline cracks on GPU pads on motherboard. Laptop only 18months old. Question is: would laptop have been working ok with the hairline cracks pre a graphics card fault. I need to know if the fault could have been caused by repairer as I intend to persue through small claims. This laptop has never been dropped or abused and I am the only user. It has been extremely well cared for and in my opinion 18 months is not what you'd expect the lifetime to be. The outer case doesn't even have a scratch on it let alone a dent.

  MAT ALAN 21:12 04 May 2010

You say it has been extremely well cared for, would that be INSIDE as well.
hairline cracks would appear as a result of excessive heating around the GPU pad which would occur if your lappy has had any sort of airflow restriction...

  Welsh Dragon1 08:07 05 May 2010

Thank you Mat Alan. Laptop was always used in well ventilated area and never used whilst in carry case. Could overheating occur due to using it for long periods ie more than 2-3 hours at a time? I would have thought it should be able to cope, considering some people work off laptops 9-5.

  MAT ALAN 14:49 05 May 2010

It could be a series of events that has effected your lappy, what you rest your lappy on when in use, has it ever been cleaned inside (your repair shop may confirm this) it may be a design fault, a second opinion might help at this time.

The problem you might have with a small claims approach is how you prove the damage has not been caused by natural wear, design fault, missuse or otherwise.
If you think the damage may have been caused by your first choice of repair shop then a second opinion IS indeed the way to go first..

  mooly 18:48 06 May 2010

I agree with Mat Alan... get a second opinion.

So many scenarios... is it really the graphic card that's the trouble, maybe they haven't a clue after having replaced and it still didn't work, and "hairline cracks" sounds good.

It need to be examined by a competent technician... damage caused by carelessness is easily spotted usually.

  MAT ALAN 18:59 06 May 2010

As its a lappy in question i think we are talking about a VGA chipset on MOBO rather than a standalone card, so its not a case of unplug old and plug in new but desolder and resoldering and of course this will be where the issue lies.
Any amount of heat in that respect may aggravate the problem moreso as its already been suggested that it will.
The problem Welsh Dragon 1 has is obtaining positive proof that the "hairline cracks" appeared by fair means or foul.
I am erring on the side of fair...

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